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camo wedding cakes
Wedding cakes are a core element of any wedding celebration. They are an important part of the equipment, which often have a prominent role throughout the dinner. Regardless of the season that your wedding will take place, the formalities and the number of guests, is a beautiful custom wedding cake is something you will remember for the rest of your life. Whether you are a classical order, or use one of the newer incarnations, is the right expression of the personality of you and your spouse.

elegant wedding cakes

The classic floral tiered cake is still a favorite. These cakes usually have at least three levels and are often stacked with frosting flowers, decorated as they carried out of the wedding party look. If you are considering this option is to feed your baker to talk about the number of guests expected, as well as your preferences for cake and ice cream flavors. Gourmet wedding cakes, are that the use of unique flavor combinations and in some cases, each level is different in order to ensure that the taste of the guests are accommodated.

topsy turvy wedding cakes

If you want to use one of the classic cake styles for a custom wedding topper will feel it more personal. Many wedding toppers are designed to see how the couple is married and is a very special gift, a lasting reminder that offers the wedding day. If you are given the order a personalized topper, make sure you place your order as far in advance to ensure that it is ready in time for the wedding.

pictures of wedding cakes

A modern trend that has been in a number of magazines have featured wedding monogram wedding cakes. These are often angular and plain, written with the initials of the new couple in icing. Although black and white (or ivory) is the most common choices are, there is no need to make your choice to limit these standards. Feel free to change the colors, your wedding or other colors that are displayed prominently in your wedding decorations to choose appropriately.

purple wedding cakes

If you choose a style of cake that should not be large enough to feed all your guests are additional cake. These are not designed for display, but are cut in the kitchen and spread from there. This can be a great way to save on wedding cakes.

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